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Annabel is a friend and a client. Early on she embraced the importance of website presence. Before most of her competitors were using google on a daily basis, we had set her up on a blogger, Google Places and a website. Unfortunately Annabel got too busy in her life, working full time, raising 3 children, taking care of a household, to get on and blog once a week or so. Years later she realized the importance of my advice back then, “Share your knowledge and content is king”




This piece above is just half of the story. First of all, it was a fun project since I don’t really get a chance to draw in my business and I miss it so. Actually, I miss drawing with a real pencil on real paper so I usually do my sketches, scan them in and then draw over them in illustrator. Redundant pieces like arms and legs I grabbed from a stock photo service as well as parts of the background.

It was Annabel’s idea and a good one too! The side you see up there is an 8 1/2 x 11 small poster size. The other side looks like this:



So by now you’re thinking what I was thinking when she showed me. Yeah, so? But when your roll it up. You have a magic wand for all your little magicians in the audience:



Below is Annabel’s custom made responsive website. I can’t say enough about responsive websites, besides they are the bee’s knees! Responsive websites allows the page to change and flow according to the device it’s being view upon. So no matter what Apple or Microsoft push next, your website will view beautifully on an iPad, tablet, Surface, Kindle, iPad mini, Android, iPhone in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Back to Annabel the Clown’s website below. We had transitioned from a static html site to WordPress. This allows us to blog right on the page and allows clients to easily make changes . The old site had a flash component so I tried to recreate that look of rotating florets on the flower behind Annabel. The front page contains a slideshow that is also responsive. Media Room is tied to the blogging component so articles added will show up in a visual list in which the newest can be seen first. The contact page doesn’t list the email address, which is bad form. That allows bot harvesting of your email for spam purposes. This website has a contact form so the email receiver is masked until Annabel decides to reply.






Here we have Annabel’s business card. One side has a decent amount of copy outlining Annabel’s specialties. The other side is a vertical picture of Annabel and Cutie Pie. Since Annabel’s work is partly visual, having a good idea of what to expect on her business cards worked well.







Below is an oldie, but I thought I’d add it here. Annabel wanted something for the kids to color. Back then she was doing her parties with her son, Party Pete. Here’s a drawing I made of them for kids to color:




This piece is just a rendering of Annabel in Mexico. So colorful, so fun. How cool is that!