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Tower Productions

Posted on Jan 6, 2014 in Entertainment Industry, Web Development

This website started out as an update to an existing site. It was originally put together using GoDaddy’s Webhosting Tonite, which is a drag and drop type design. I wanted to migrate the customer to WordPress and Bluehost so they can host their three websites for one price. The ease of WordPress that allows the client to make update if they choose helps.

The testimonials were a slider towards the bottom and social media was accessible when scrolling. There was a large “Contact Us” slider that I took off before I did this screen shot.



After a year of working with the custom theme, I approached my client about making it into a responsive website. I touted the benefits of responsive design to take the into the future and still look good no matter what devices come out of Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. The client agree to migrate the site. My first thought was to take the existing site, and just recode the theme to be responsive. It would have been a week of work (40 hours) and it should have been a smooth transition since there was not any awkward columns. The inner “Event” page had a right column and that would have moved easily under the main copy, before the footer.

Then, in a stroke of genius, I decided to go ¬†with a fluid theme that uses modules to build the pages. This allowed some cool sliders, movement and recent posts to be part of the font page. I also added a sticky menu up top to cover the social media, contact page and MailChimp sign up. It’s a great little add-on by Multi-Bar-X. The heads below this page show how the top of the page slides into different backgrounds and photos with teaser links to the various pages for event production.

The top bar also has links to the other websites and a testimonial module that changes when you refresh the page. The affiliate logos are in grey and darken on rollover. This keeps them unobtrusive while showing support from the other companies. The footer is 3 columns and gives a little more space to add some descriptions. The recent posts will change as “Events” are added to the site, thusly keeping the content new on the front page.